10 essential tips for small kitchens

For a small kitchen, it is necessary to design the layout carefully. You need to optimize the area and take advantage of every corner to create a cozy space. At the same time, don’t forget that small kitchens come with big advantages: everything is close by!

Practical guide - 21 September 2015

Tip 1

Kitchen work triangle

It’s necessary to follow this basic principle to the maximum. At the very least, the refrigerator must be placed away from the stove.

Tip 2

Appliances for small kitchens

The most practical solution is to choose integrated or multi-functional appliances for your kitchen.

Tip 3

Kitchen furniture

The standard depth of kitchen furniture is 60 cm. To make the most of space, sliding doors help greatly.

Tip 4


  There is rarely enough storage, so you should choose utensils and appliances that take up little space. For example, cupboard units are a good solution.

a small-kitchen

Tip 5


The countertop is essential in small kitchens, especially for preparing meals. For more space here, consider adding a sliding shelf or a fold down table.

Tip 6

Open kitchen

Another solution: if you would like a longer counter and your wall is a simple partition, you can consider moving the entrance door.

Tip 7


Use your knowledge on the effects of colors to choose a palette that accentuates the feeling of space. In small kitchens it is better to use light colors.

Tip 8

No frills

Choose simple cabinet doors, without moldings or ornate handles. Smooth and even furniture makes a room feel more spacious.

Tip 9


Avoid lights suspended in the middle of the kitchen that make a room seem smaller and instead choose spotlights. It is important to add light under low furniture.

Tip 10

Dining area

Even in a small kitchen you can create a dining area with a fold-out table and folding chairs. A partition in the room can serve as a bar too!

In a nutshell

Take time to consider all your options in creating your kitchen work triangle.

Adapted storage space is the secret to making the most of a small kitchen where it is pleasant to cook and enjoy your meals.

You can also add more space by opening your kitchen up or installing a kitchen unit under a staircase or in a large closet (where you can make it disappear when it’s not needed).

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