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How to duplicate an item?


How to duplicate an item?

Willing to save time when designing your projects? Watch this short video to learn how to duplicate an object easily.

When designing a living room, a bathroom or any other room, you will probably have to reproduce some items identically. No problem! The object duplication function is here to make life easier for everyone.

Interior design made easy with HomeByMe

You can easily duplicate an object as many times as you want in just a few clicks.

To do so, select the object you want to duplicate, then click on the “Duplicate” button that appears in the contextual menu. You can then move the duplicated object anywhere in your project. This feature is very useful for creating rows of chairs, sets of lamps, or any other object that repeats in your project.

By using the object duplication feature, you can save time and avoid measurement errors by replicating objects in your project. This allows you to focus on the more creative aspects of your interior design project, without having to worry about the accuracy of each object.

So don’t hesitate to use this feature to create a professional and consistent interior design project.

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