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How to use generic products?


How to use generic products?

In this tutorial, discover how to use and customize generic 3D furniture in the free 3d interior design software HomeByMe.

A large library of generic furniture

When carrying out an interior design project, you may need furniture of a particular pattern that you can’t find in the brand catalog available on HomeByMe.

We explain how to beautify a bedroom, kitchen or any other room of your choice with generic furniture.

With HomeByMe, you have access to a huge library of customizable generic items.

Here’s how to use them:

  • Go to the sub-category of your choice and filter directly on Generic. All generic articles, which means customizable articles, will be displayed.
  • Choose the item you need and add it to your project.
  • By clicking on “edit”, you can choose the size of your choice, and then change the material, The texture or the color of your item.

It’s great to be able to get exactly the furniture you want. You can customize any piece of generic furniture in our catalogs. It’s amazingly simple.

Create your own custom furniture

In addition to customizing generic furniture in HomeByMe, you can bring your design projects to even more creative heights by exploring the advanced functions offered by MakeByMe. MakeByMe lets you turn your design concepts into reality, providing you with tools to create customized furniture, decorative items. By bridging the gap between virtual design and real-world execution, MakeByMe lets you bring your unique ideas to life.

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