Extension February 5, 2020

5 ways to make your home more spacious


5 ways to make your home more spacious

Let’s take a look at the current space you have and what you could do to make it feel like your home is more spacious than it actually is.

Of course, you can play with colors or lighting. This is a good start but you also need to make the most of the acutal size of your rooms. Interior Design Architects are using heights more than ever these days to maximize the use of space. You gain more space on the ground and it also gives the impression of brightness. You can also find great ideas by using all-integrated pieces of furniture. If you want to create an office area in your living room and don’t have shelves, install them high up in your room. The same can be applied to kitchen furniture or to storage spaces you want to install in a bedroom or a corridor.

It’s best to opt for low lying furniture in order to clear space high up on the walls. You can also choose between net curtains or decide to have no curtains at all. To reflect lighting and space, place mirrors in strategic places. Finally, try avoiding unecessary partition walls. In order to achieve your ideal deco, the room’s size is highly important. However try not to fall for the temptation of open living areas. Often, this type of layout often means you’ll have to break a wall or lose an entire room and storage space. Sometimes it’s better to keep a useful room or to lose a corner to install a storage unit with the goal of keeping your home tidy.

5 simple and userful tips for making more space in your home

It’s always possible to come up with discreet storage ideas to free space in your living areas. For example you can place a chest of drawers under your bed or storage boxes in your wardrobe.

2 . Built-in storage

It can be a great idea to invest in tailored storage units. This will prevent you from having too much storage furniture that takes up too much space, especially in bedrooms.

3 . Searching for little extra spaces

An empty corner, a door frame, space underneath a staircase, there are always a number of unused spaces in your home. It’s up to you to find how to use them to free up space elsewhere.

4 . Natural selection

Force yourself to get rid of small pieces of furnitures which are takinig up too much useful space. You’ll gain space and facilitate the flow in and between rooms.

5 . Seasonal organisation

In your dresser, try keeping only the clothes and accessories you’ll be wearing during that season. By forcing yourself to sort out storage units, you’ll naturally get rid of

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