How to Remodel an Attic?

Reading nook for attic
  • Test different layouts and decorations easily

  • Explore the area in 3D to better define the project

  • Create quality renderings to share your ideas

Is your attic still stuck in the Dark ages? Discover how you can revive, modernize, and make use of that empty space with the help of a 3D floor planner. Prepare detailed plans and designs for your attic, all from the comfort of your smart device. 

As a neglected, unused space, the attic usually sits empty, collecting boxes and dust. But with so much additional room tucked away from the rest of the house, why not remodel into something purposeful? With a few moderate improvements, you can transform your dark and dingy attic into a guest bedroom, modern home office or den. You’re limited only by your imagination on how to use it. Whatever condition yours might be in, one of the best tools you can use to plan your reno project is a 3D floor planner. The drag-and-drop platform simplifies the design process by making it accessible for anyone to customize their home using a detailed 3D replica. Choose materials, add paint, and complete it with furnishings and décor. See how you can use a 3D floor planner for your attic remodel, and what strategies can help keep costs low. 

2D floor plan of an attic

How to Plan Your Attic Renovations with a 3D Floor Planner?

A 3D floor planner gives you all the tools to develop a thorough scheme for your attic from top to bottom. From laying the framework to picking out furniture – you can decide what you want or don’t want as you create it. No technical skills or training are needed. Here’s how to plan your attic renovations and start visualizing your designs in 2D and 3D.

Let's walk through the process step-by-step:


1 Step 1. Create a 2D Layout

You can create a 2D layout of your attic in minutes. Begin using the drawing tools to form the frame of the attic, connecting each wall, doorway, and window. Enter the measurements for each component that you add to produce an exact rendering of your attic.

You can also use an automated room template in your planner and adjust the dimensions and sizes to match.

The goal is to have an accurate, bird’s-eye floor plan that serves as the base for your 3D model.


2 Step 2. Pick Your Materials, Fixtures and Furniture

Click to see your 2D outline in 3D and begin browsing through the online catalog in the planner. The catalog offers a myriad of products, fixtures, and materials that you can use to turn the attic into your new favorite spot at home. If you need to update the windows, test out different designs directly through your planner. Want to explore different flooring options? Click to find multiple types of hardwood, carpet, rugs and more.

Adjust the sizes, move items around or delete them with a click. Whether you’re aiming to create a modern home office or a casual loft-like space to unwind, there are many styles and features, including brand names and generic products.

So go ahead and have fun exploring designs for your attic risk-free before making a firm decision.


3 Step 3. Generate HD Photos and Share Your Floor Plans

Capture your newly designed attic with high-res, 3D photos which can be saved and printed.

Take an interactive tour through your attic using the 3D Live option or switch into first-person mode. If you need to make changes, you can edit instantly, even while offline or on-the-go.

Share your attic floor plans with your partner, contractor, or anyone you are collaborating with so they can see it directly through the planner and experience it like you have.

Attic Remodeling: The Essentials 

Every attic is different from the next, but one thing they usually have in common is their bare-bone structure. And being old and drafty means there are some crucial tasks that will need to happen to ensure your attic is safe and up to code. Below, we dish out the essentials on what to prioritized for every attic remodeling project.

Hire an Expert to Check the Structure

Before you begin drafting plans, your home and attic should be inspected by a professional. They can identify potential problems with the roof, frame, and foundation. They can also explain the condition of the attic, what’s needed, and what to do with certain areas like the flooring regarding weight load capacity. 

Pay Close Attention to Building Codes

To maintain a safe space for you and your family to use, make sure to follow your local building codes. When you hire an expert, they can explain all the pertinent details like the required head clearance, as well as other ordinances that must be adhered to during your remodel.

Add Insulation

Most attics are not insulated, which makes them cold, damp, and uncomfortable to be in for more than a few minutes. Even if there is some insulation up there, it’s likely under your toes and useless for sequestering heat. If you’re going to remodel, always add insulation. Placing foam spray between the rafters prior to drywalling is an easy and efficient way to make it a comfortable part of the house.

Improve Squeaky Floors

Noisy, squeaky floors can be downright aggravating for anyone who must endure it below. To minimize noise, replace the floor joists with thicker ones, and consider adding insulation in the bays. Using rugs is also a great way to mitigate sound.

Storage for an attic

Cheap Attic Remodel Ideas

Everyone wants more space at home, but renovating the attic can require additional time, money, and effort that many aren’t willing to spend. However, there are simple ways to turn it into a comfy, liveable space while sticking to your budget. Keep these tips in mind for achieving a cheap attic remodel.

Create Recessed Storage Units

If your attic is small, awkwardly situated or has steep rafters, you can still take advantage of it despite the sharp angles. Sealing up drafts and improving the load bearing capacity can prevent extreme temperature fluctuations, making it perfect for adding built-in storage units. Install recessed cubbies and cabinets all throughout the perimeter to make use of the space wisely.

Use a Neutral, Monochromatic Color Scheme 

Attics are notorious for being dark and dingy. A simple way to brighten it up without replacing windows or adding a skylight is to use a bright, neutral color from floor to ceiling. This is an excellent, cost-effective way to brighten and modernize your attic. 

Accent Your Existing Features

Whether it’s awkward angles, small windows, or an odd corner, you can make any quirky features in the attic look amazing while being practical. Create a cozy reading nook under a small or short window, add hooks along angled walls or customize shelves as part of your home office setup. Get creative with each nook and cranny, and if you’re struggling to come up with ideas, experiment in your 3D floor planner.

HomeByMe is a free 3D floor planner that can assist you with all your attic remodeling plans, whether they’re basic or extensive. Design your attic exactly as you want and get access to powerful 3D visualization tools and features for free. In the span of an evening, you could have a comprehensive plan for your attic that’s beautiful, practical, and affordable. Try it out today!

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  • Test different layouts and decorations easily

  • Explore the area in 3D to better define the project

  • Create quality renderings to share your ideas

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