Tutorials September 20, 2020

How to add a story to a floor plan?


How to add a story to a floor plan?

Find out how to add a floor to your interior design project with HomeByMe and create an entire house easily.

Design a 2-story house plan

Creating a 3D floor plan for a multi-level interior design project has never been easier with HomebyMe.

Follow these steps:

  • Once the first floor is designed.
  • Add a staircase that you can choose from the varied catalog available.
  • Select “Add a floor” option.

Once you have created your new floor, you can start adding walls, doors, windows, furniture and decorations to your new space. Choose the height of your new floor based on your needs.

Adding a floor to your HomeByMe project is essential if you want to create a complete floor plan for a home or workspace. It will also allow you to easily visualize the layout of each floor and work on each level independently. With HomeByMe, you can add as many stories as you want.

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