Tutorials April 5, 2020

How to move furniture?


How to move furniture?

Always willing to save time when creating your Interior design projects? Learn how to move furniture easily on a 3D planner.

Moving 3D Objects

When carrying out a home renovation or interior design project, you probably need to move decorative objects and furniture? We explain everything.

With HomeByMe, moving objects is a breeze! Once in your project, you can easily move objects by dragging them with your mouse.

You can also move groups of objects for easier manipulation. For greater precision, use the measurement function to adjust the position of objects to the nearest millimeter. In addition, Homebyme allows 360-degree rotation for all objects, making it easier to handle small objects.

Finally, moving objects on Homebyme is very intuitive and easy to learn, saving you time and energy to focus on creating your interior design project.


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