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How to import a floor plan?


How to import a floor plan?

How to import a floor plan? | HomeByMe Tutorials

You are carrying out a house renovation project or just a room to be arranged in Office. With HomeByMe, it is easy to import a 2D floor plan of the project to be carried out.

To do this, follow these steps:

-Click on the “Floor” tab in the upper menu bar.

-Click on “Add background image”.

-Select the image of your 2D plan in Png, Jpeg or pdf format.

-Scale it.

-Adjust the opacity and orientation of the imported plan, using the adjustment tools available on the 3D  floor Planner.

Once you are satisfied with the rendering, you can draw over it and start adding objects and decorating the room.

Using a 2D plan in HomeByMe can help you create realistic and accurate interior design projects. So, don’t start from scratch but turn your existing 2d plan into a 3D house plan with the 2D plan import feature.

You can save time and create a design based on the existing layout of your space. You can easily add decorative elements and furniture to your plan and visualize your space in 3D.

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