How to Get Home Stager Jobs?

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Whether you’re contemplating a change in your career or want to get started as a home stager, learn about the key steps that will help you succeed and thrive in this dynamic and creative field.

When you’ve lived in your home for many years, it can be difficult to view it objectively to see what needs to be improved or changed before placing it up on the market. That’s where a home stager comes in. When a homeowner is ready to sell, a stager is often hired to make their property look its best and get it ready to entice potential buyers. If you have a natural talent for keeping interior spaces tidy, organized, and on point with the latest interior design trends, why not consider a career as a home stager? Whether you’ve been looking for a change or to begin a career in something you enjoy, below we explain how to establish yourself in this field and how to acquire home stager jobs.

Home Stager Job Description

The particulars of a home stager job description can vary based on the specific niche. However, overall, home staging is a smart sales tactic that’s used in the real estate industry to improve the appearance of a home and make it attractive to potential buyers. It integrates both marketing and interior design principles to depersonalize the space – removing clutter and any trinkets – in order to create an experience that allows buyers to see themselves living in the property.

This doesn’t just mean moving furnishings around and hanging modern artwork. A well-staged property is about being strategic with every room and feature to appeal to a specific audience and lifestyle. This is achieved by clearly defining the areas within the home, eliminating distractions, and tapping into a buyer’s motivation for purchasing. A home stager will encompass all of this by researching the neighborhood and target buyers. Then they’ll utilize their knowledge and design skills to visually tell a story through the use of décor.

What’s the Average Salary for Stage Home Jobs

Like with many careers, the average salary for stage home jobs will greatly depend on many factors, including education, experience, skill set, reputation, and the company you may work with. But to give you a ballpark figure, the national salary for a home stager earns approximately $79,000 per year in the United States.

On the lowest end of the spectrum, a home stager in the US earns approximately $60,000 per year. Conversely, the top 10% in the home staging industry earns around $160,000 per year.

How to Get a Home Staging Job

Home stagers can work either through a real estate company, a home staging company or independently and directly with clients to help them sell their homes fast and at top dollar. These key points below will help you establish your career and get home staging jobs.

Take Courses to Enhance Your Knowledge and Skills

No matter which direction you choose, you do not need to gain formal education or qualifications to get a home staging job. But like most professions, earning an accredited certificate will enhance your understanding, skillset, and value in the eyes of employers as well as clients. There are also many interior design-based courses you can take that will teach you the fundamentals needed to run a successful home staging business and thrive within the industry.

Even acquiring an education in marketing, real estate, or another related field, can be advantageous for gaining employment, finding home staging jobs, and growing your client base.

Offer Complimentary Services for Your Portfolio

When you do begin staging homes for clients, you’ll be able to build up a portfolio of your work, which is a significant asset for highlighting your talents and success, and showing prospective clients or employers why you’re worth the investment.

Meet Other Professionals and Network

Finding a local Home Staging community or association is also an excellent way to introduce yourself to other professionals in the field, learn more about how to flourish in your career, and to source new opportunities.

Here’s a recap on some key steps to take to get home stager jobs:

  • Understand the basic principles of interior design and marketing by taking courses
  • Get a Home Staging certificate such as RESA (the Real Estate Staging Association)
  • Gain employment with a real estate company or work independently by offering complimentary services to family and friends
  • Build your portfolio to showcase your home staging skills for future jobs
  • Join a local home staging community or association to network

Skills Needed to Succeed as a Home Stager

When it comes down to succeeding in this profession and landing consistent home stager jobs, you must have a few skills, whether it’s through training or prior experience in the real estate industry or interior design field. These include understanding the basics of design and composition theories, current trends for homes and real estate, researching, project management, and of course, having a general knack for creating visually appealing spaces. Since home stagers frequently work alongside realtors and homeowners, having a go-getter attitude and superb communication skills are critical. Together, these can help you excel as a home stager and make you appear qualified to perform the job well.

As a home stager, you’ll be able to develop both your design and business skills while helping clients begin their next stage of life with the financial equity that can give them sound peace of mind.

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