Bohemian decor ideas

Find inspiration from bohemian images to start your project.
"Boho" (or Bohemian) style is inspired by an unconventional lifestyle, often favored by artists and travelers. An eclectic style by nature, it brings together objects from different places and eras. For boho decorating ideas, browse the Inspiration page and discover the projects of our community.

For successful boho decorating, don't hesitate to mix genres and styles to give each of your rooms a unique character. Warm and natural tones are best. Add a patterned rug, a little aged by time or passage to structure the room. Natural materials such as wood, bamboo, but also woven materials such as hammocks and macramé will dress your furniture and walls in a soft and warm way. To add a little more life and color, brighten up the room with various plants and arrange them together to form a composition.

To give a more casual feel to your decor, simply place your frames on a console or on the mantel. This will give the room a casual look. Adorn your sofas and armchairs with large cushions and pile them up to enhance the comfort of the room.

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