Coastal decor ideas

Find inspiration from coastal images to start your project.
Coastal style is inspired by coastal and ocean landscapes to take on the mood and color palette of the sea. Need coastal decorating ideas? Visit our Inspiration page and discover the projects of our community.

Palm trees, white sand, a palette of blues and natural materials will be the perfect allies for a seaside decoration. The important thing is to recreate the feeling of being by the sea, on the coast. From the lights, to the furniture, to the decorative objects, everything must be thought to remind the sea if you want a coastal decoration. For the color palette, favor creams, whites, neutral tones and blues, as well as striped patterns, reminiscent of beach landscapes.

Natural materials like linen or jute will dress up your rugs and blankets to accessorize your furniture and rooms. Light-colored wood with a patina can be used for your storage furniture, such as consoles and cabinets. Finally, rattan and dried coastal flowers will be perfect to complete your decoration.

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