¡How I met Your Mother apartamento en 3D!

¡Estimados fans de “Cómo conocí a vuestra madre” y seguidores de HomeByMe!

Los miembros del equipo de HomeByMe, como probablemente muchos de vosotros,  éramos grandes seguidores de “Cómo conocí a vuestra madre”. Desde que el año pasado terminara la serie –con la revelación de cómo Ted conoció a su mujer- hemos sentido algo de nostalgia. Desde entonces, el apartamento de Ted se ha convertido en un lugar demasiado vacío. Tan sólo echa un vistazo:


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Making my first move: First and most important

Welcome back everyone! In this blog series I revisit the process of buying my new home and design decisions as I would have done it had I known and used HomeByMe for all the decisions, perspective and planning that is part of making your house a home.

So what is the most important room of your house? More importantly what is the first room you need complete when you are in the midst renovations? I’ll give you a hint 🙂



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Welcome to the HomeByMe blog!

Welcome to the brand new HomeByMe blog!  Our intention is to make this blog a resource for your home design projects. We’ll share the latest product news as well as advice and tricks to help make the most of your HomeByMe experience. I’d like to introduce myself and my two fellow HomeByMe community managers.

.Community managers

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