Miliboo and Fabulem join HomeByMe

Miliboo and Fabulem, both 100% Made in France companies have joined HomeByMe today. We welcome their new furniture catalogs to our home design service!

Miliboo furniture

Miliboo offers modern furniture at attractive prices on the web. Created in 2005, the company’s goal is to provide their client with traceable and unique furniture that will suit each and everyone of us. On their part, Fabulem’s creates nice ecological and design furniture. You will now find in HomeByMe their main product “Le Lem Fabulem” :  a colorful wood cube you can stack however you want to create personalize shelves. It will fit perfectly in your dream home decor !


With these 2 additions, our catalog now contains a large new range of ingenious and colorful storage such as shelves, sideboards, bookcases or buffets, very useful to make the most of your home’s space ! All those new elements will give a nice touch of color to your living room or to your kid’s bedroom.


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