Decoration March 28, 2020

Woodland-inspired autumn motifs to revamp your living room

Forget chilly days by welcoming the autumn into your living room with some glowing seasonal colours and nature-inspired woodland touches.


Small colour changes

Autumn home décor can make a big impression with some very small changes. If you don’t want a complete revamp, paint just one wall a soft shade of ochre to form a mellow backdrop to your woodland theme.


Woodland colour scheme

For a complete colour change with an autumn theme, resist going overboard with red and orange. Just paint the background colours in cream, taupe and shades of moss or sage. Leave the exciting highlight colours to accent pieces.


Dark wood furniture

If you’ve been meaning to strip back the paint from some old wooden furniture, now is the time. If the wood is pale, just apply some chestnut-coloured stain and set it against your autumnal walls.


Fabrics from nature

Autumn decorations need natural fabrics like rush matting and tweedy sofa throws to help bring the countryside spirit indoors. If you have dark furniture, keep the matting and wool weaves light for contrast and variety.


Accent autumn colours

A terracotta pot, a bronze lampstand, an olivewood bowl or some rust-red glazed ceramics will create a feature highlight to set the tone for the season. Think about how your accent piece is lit to enhance its effect.


Fireside leaf rug

A new rug for the fireside can transform the focal point of your room. There are some lovely bold leaf-designs you can find in a warm mix of orange, burnt umber and shades of yellow.


Woodland decorations

Bring in a few branches with berries, fir cones and dried grasses and make an autumn corner. Even small and casual touches of nature like these add freshness and energy to the room.

No seasonal mini-makeover is complete without a couple of new cushion covers! Keep a look out for foliage and chrysanthemum colours or go with the animal-print trend featuring woodland natives like badgers and foxes.


Woodland print cushions


Wallpaper gallery

If you have a small space like a chimney breast or alcove, highlight it with an intense bird, foliage and flower-filled design in deep vibrant colours. It will work beautifully as a feature but not for a whole room.

TIP 10

Autumn leaves decorations

Simplest of all, make a collage of pressed autumn leaves as a seasonal display. It’s been done before, but always works to add cheer to chilly evenings and colour to your cosy living room.


  • For seasonal colour, paint one wall in a soft ochre or pale terracotta. For the whole room, try cream and taupe with bright autumn colour accents.
  • A simple collage of autumn leaves or a vase full of branches marks the change of season and creates a cosy fireside feel.

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