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What solutions are available for adding storage to an attic?

Interior Design

What solutions are available for adding storage to an attic?

Converting your attic is always an excellent idea. You gain surface area, volume and often style, while extending your property to include a room with a particular sense of charm. So that it still retains its character, think about maximising your storage options.

1 . Sort first

Storage will determine how successful your renovation project is. After sorting through your possessions and keeping only the most essential, you then have to sort through the items again to work out what you want to hide and what could be on show. Do not be too radical – certain pieces are characteristic of a place’s identity.

2 . Deviating from the plan

When drawing up plans, make sure you present and showcase two important dimensions: the great heights and the length. You also have to recoup zenithal light and any potential structural elements. From this starting point, storage solutions will be positioned – either vertically or horizontally – in a way that respects your layout’s guiding principles.

3 . A beautiful design

Storage should be both discreet and easy to use. Of course, these solutions are completely integrated in a room plan and it is sometimes worthwhile having them custom-made by a professional. You would therefore optimise the space while adding just the right cupboards, shelves and alcoves. For example, chests that also serve as seats or benches are easy to create and provide a clever storage solution.

4 . Make the most of the floor space and height

All the low areas below sloping ceilings need to be used cleverly. After all, they are ideal for creating enclosed shelving or low-height bookcases. It is interesting to mix these two options in order to favour storage solutions without compromising on the decorative elements of your new space. We can also make the most of an entire gable by designing complementary floor-to-ceiling shelving. In this instance, to avoid the classic “wall of cupboards” look, we can alternate the heights, shapes and materials used.

5 . Creating surface area

It is also a good idea to recoup additional surface area in the empty spaces. To do so, we can make the most of the highest point in the room and install a raised floor to create a mezzanine. You could create a library space below it to complete the lounge area. Another solution would be to use this additional volume to create a walk-in wardrobe that will use the space to the max by alternating tall and low cupboards, drawers and storage chests.

6 . Little extra

Furthermore, it is important to carefully position the light to retain this lovely feeling of space. Light sources need to be installed in the taller areas, as well as in the lowest parts of the room.
White and light colours certainly accentuate the volume but a more vibrant colour palette – on a gable, for example – can lend a room a sense of character.

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