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Top tips for bedroom storage for a calm, serene space


Top tips for bedroom storage for a calm, serene space

Work and clutter don’t belong in the bedroom. Make a space that’s a special haven of peace and relaxation with a few handy storage tricks. Here’s how:


Use overhead space

Don’t waste all that lovely space over your head. A ready-made bed surround can accommodate all your night-time essentials, or even a home-made rustic shelf adds valuable space.


Drawer dividers

It’s amazing how much space drawer dividers create. Many models are adjustable for different drawer sizes. No more digging around for that special scarf: now you know exactly which compartment it’s in!


Scrap the chair

Take away the chair that uses up valuable floor space and replace it with a small square ottoman. Hey presto: you can sit down when you need to, but you have blanket or duvet storage as well.


Accessorize the walls

Turn jewelry and accessories into wall art with some creative DIY wall storage ideas. Hang scarves from hooks under a mantel, and display jewelry on pin-boards on the wall.


Out of sight…

Free up closet space by storing out-of-season clothes in plastic boxes on rollers under the bed. They’re easy to grab and roll out when needed but otherwise, they’re out of sight.


A captain’s bunk

A favorite kids’ room storage idea is a captain’s bunk; it works equally well for a small spare bedroom. A high bed accommodates large under-bed drawers to tidy away blankets, toys or visitors’ clothes.


Wall-mounted lights

If you have ample overhead storage, you can capitalize on this by using wall-mounted lights. No need for a bulky nightstand, and your bedroom is instantly larger and more peaceful.


Hang the laundry

There’s no need for a laundry basket to take up precious floor space: make use of back door storage ideas with a fabric container mounted on a regular coat hanger, and simply hook it up on the back of the door.


Can the trash

One of the best hidden storage ideas is to make your nightstand into a secret trash bin! If you find one with a tilting cabinet, it’s easy to open, hides the trash, and doubles as a nice flat surface for your nightlight, books, and phone.

TIP 10

Invisible floating shelves

Floating shelves with a frame but no footprint can look lovely in the right place, or a frameless platform can be mounted anywhere on the wall for books or ornaments.


  • Think in three dimensions: air-borne storage solutions are practical and fun. Stacked hanging baskets or floating wall frames are great examples, and especially don’t forget above-the-bedhead wall space that’s often wasted.
  • Make use of that under-the-bed space too, not with random shoes and boxes, but with captain’s bed-style built in drawers or simple boxes on rollers.


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