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How to design living room decor on a budget? Decorating tips for a big impact

Interior Design

How to design living room decor on a budget? Decorating tips for a big impact

When it’s time for a living room makeover, don’t let a small budget discourage you from bold decisions.

Whether you call it a family room, den, or living room, this is the space for relaxing, socializing, and downtime. It’s your haven. Simply start with the basics: what is this room actually for and how do you want to feel when you’re in it? Living room decoration starts with function, and then you can move on to a theme for your living room with paint, pillows, and personal touches, all enhanced with color and light.

To free up your imagination, try moving all the furniture to the centre and cover it with a sheet so you can start to visualize. Think about grouping furniture for comfortable conversations, a relaxing space for reading or TV, perhaps a curtained corner for kids’ things. This process is helped enormously by free 3d home design software: it costs nothing to get a little visualizing inspiration! Once the furniture is in place, consider the impact color has on how you feel. If you want to relax, go for a soft sage green; for a cheerful splash, think warm tangerine.

How to decorate a living room on a budget?

There are countless ways to decorate a living room on a budget. Some cheap living room ideas are to change the color of the walls or of the furniture. Paint and pillows are the most budget-friendly way to make a big impact. Try adding depth by making the wall opposite the window a strong, themed color, with the others in a paler tone.

Splash out on new pillows for the settee, a piece of artwork, or even framed fabric reflecting a dash of your themed color. Brighten a tired sofa with a cheerful throw, and don’t be afraid to paint items you would normally leave alone, like an old wooden chest or a brick fireplace surround; the impact is worth it.

Add a soft glow and enhance your theme with a standard lamp in the corner between the two different colored walls. The final touch? A couple of family photographs or a holiday souvenir as a statement piece, but not too many! Use the Homebyme 3D tool for visualization and inspiration and see your ideas come to life!

5 living room decorating ideas on a budget for a big impact:

1 . Clean your space

Start by clearing the decks so your imagination is set free. Collect furniture in the middle of the room and cover it over. Now you can visualize!

2 . Arrange it your way !

Arrange the furniture for how you actually live; if friends call around all the time, make a grouping of seating for convivial conversations.

3 . Create contrasts

Strike a strong color note on the wall opposite the main source of light to add depth and interest to your living room. Paint the others in a paler toning shade.

4 . Choose your style

Pick out your new color theme in new cushions, a statement piece of artwork or poster, or even framed swatches of your favorite fabric.

5 . Bring your creative vision

Place a standard lamp in the darkest corner and give it a shade reflecting your color theme. Use a soft-colored light bulb with yellow tones to create a mellow glow.

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