Kitchen February 27, 2020

Repainting appliances to breathe new life into your kitchen


Repainting appliances to breathe new life into your kitchen

Does your old fridge look out of place in your new kitchen? Have you received a beautiful lime green coffee machine as a gift? Fear not!

Paint manufacturers have considered your needs, developing special paints to give your appliances a make-over, and to spruce up your kitchen!How is it used?

If you’re looking to freshen up the classic white paint of your kitchen appliances, all you need is an anti-rust aerosol spray. Choose a white colour from a recognised brand, and then simply follow the instructions on the label. If you’re looking to paint your appliance a new colour, there are three steps to follow: first sand down the surface, next apply an undercoat (a special ferrous metal undercoat for metal accessories and a special plastic undercoat for plastic and PVC). Finally, apply the selected paint in a thin layer. The layers should be applied as thinly and evenly as possible, to ensure an attractive end result. You are advised to go for a good quality, washable glycerophtalic varnish with a gloss finish to avoid cleaning marks.  The brands “Tollens”, “V33” and “Julien” offer these in around 20 different colours in France.

After the functional aspect, the most important thing is form! Study the walls and furniture in your kitchen: are they neutral (grey, white), warm-toned (yellow, orange, mustard) or cool-toned (pale blue, steel, granite)? If you want your kitchen appliance to stand out, choose a cool tone if your kitchen is warm-toned, and vice-versa. Navy blue goes well with yellow kitchens, red with charcoal grey modern kitchens. To make an appliance blend into the background, go for tone on tone. The more neutral your kitchen is, the easier it is for you to introduce bright colours like cherry red, golden yellow and aqua. For a more sophisticated look, opt for shades of grey. To get a better idea as to what your future kitchen will look like, use our free in-house software allowing you to design 3D plans of all of your DIY projects.

5 tips for sprucing up your kitchen with paint

1 . Backboard

Is your old backboard looking dull? Repaint it in a bright colour (or simply give it a coat of fresh white) to bring out the other elements of your kitchen. If you’re renting, paint a board to place in front of the backboard.

2 . Tiling

With their unusual designs and pop colours, old tiles exude a certain charm… If you no longer like yours, think about painting your floor or wall tiles in a muted colour, ideally in a colour that is lighter than the rest of your kitchen. This ensures they will blend into any kitchen décor.

3 . Work surfaces

Kitchen counter tops can also be refreshed with a splash of paint for laminated work surfaces. Choose paint in a matt colour with a high-coverage texture.  Apply at least three coats to ensure it stands up to frequent wiping down with a cloth.

4 . Eating area

Looking to add a touch of fun to your kitchen? Repaint the old chairs or stools in your open-plan kitchen in different colours and mix and match them to your heart’s content.

5 . Kitchen cabinets

We often think of changing our entire kitchen when we get tired of its look. However, if the cabinets are still in good condition, all you need to do is paint the doors, after lightly sanding them down. With a palette of taupe, charcoal grey or ultramarine, your kitchen will be trendier than ever.

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