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Open-plan kitchen decor: combining function and form


Open-plan kitchen decor: combining function and form

Although open-plan kitchens certainly promote togetherness within the home, they are not necessarily the easiest to decorate or equip.

Here are some tips on how you can combine function and form in an open-plan kitchen.

Know how to create trendy open floor kitchen without losing sight of practicality

One way of creating a practical yet attractive kitchen is installing a central island to demarcate the different areas: the living room on one side, the kitchen on the other. This will allow you to make optimal use of storage and work surface areas, giving you an irresistible American-style kitchen. If you still lack storage space, add some high shelves which offer additional storage without weighing down the decor. To make sure everything works well together, opt for harmonious colors and materials.  No particular style needs to be avoided, everything can look good, from a bistro style to a modern or Scandinavian style, as long as it all works together within the room as a whole. You can use our free in-house software to help you design 3D plans of your home and work on your project with as many details as possible.

It’s hard to resist the  kitchen decor seen in specialist magazines! Collections of jars, old boxes and copper saucepans on display give kitchens a trendy, traditional look. However, unless you’re a fan of cleaning, it can be difficult to keep these types of kitchens clean as grease and dust accumulate on all the surfaces. Instead, choose solutions that are easy to maintain, such as wall units with glass doors. This allows you to display your crystal glass collections or vintage boxes without adding any additional cleaning chores! Similarly, try to hide all appliances that lend themselves to this: extractor hoods can easily be concealed under cupboards, dishwashers disappear behind wooden doors and lighting can be positioned directly on the backboard to add a designer feel and the impression of space.

5 open concept kitchen floor plans to warm up your living space

1 . Color range

As is always the case with decor, choose one predominant color with one color contrast. If you prefer to stick to white, add splashes of color in small doses through accessories: colored bar stools, a retro fridge with a Union Jack design or brightly-colored household appliances.

2 . Logical flow

If your kitchen opens out onto the living room, it can be a good idea to pick up elements of the living room decor in the kitchen by using the same materials or the same style. For example, a workshop-style kitchen would complement an industrial-style living room.

3 . Clever materials

Although they are often very visually appealing, don’t go for wallpaper or fabric coverings in the kitchen. If you have these in your living room, you can feel confident using paint in the kitchen, as long as the same palette of colors is used.

4 . Fun vibes

The kitchen is the friendliest living space in any home, so make the most of this and paint a large blackboard where you can jot down your shopping lists or little messages, or hang a decorative collection of different items on one of the walls.

5 . Practical accessories

Adapt your storage to the items you need to put away. Some DIY, décor and kitchen fitting shops offer a host of inexpensive, practical accessories for a well-organised kitchen: hooks, storage baskets and boxes, drawer organisers, and more.

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