Kitchen February 25, 2020

Choosing between an open or a closed kitchen


Choosing between an open or a closed kitchen

Open kitchens are one of the main trends these days. Do they have the potential to match your own home and lifestyle?

 Why are open floor plan kitchens the current trend? 

In modern apartments, they make the living area larger and in a loft style apartment, it makes it easier to move about in one area. Here are a few tips to manage your living space. This type of layout is perfect if you like being close to your kitchen and don’t like narrow spaces. As a host or a cook you can enjoy the company of your friends and keep an eye on your children at the same time, an important factor when you take into account that a number of domestic accidents happen when cooking. Also, don’t forget that you can use built-in storage and appliances to gain more space.

There are numerous solutions for your kitchen. Sliding walls allow more openness in the kitchen. They enable you to change your mind at any moment on whether you prefer to have an open or closed kitchen. Glazed windows, with the option to keep them either open or closed, can enlarge your space without and can limit both noise and smell. Finally, a pass-through like counter can connect two spaces while keeping a separation. It can also be a good place to display decorative objects.

4 tips to create the perfect open floor plan

1 . Technology

Regarding sound, it’s possible to find a number of modern appliances that are more silent than before. A lot of progress has been made in this area.However, they’ll need to be built-in to the kitchen’s wall.

2 . Ventilation

Aim to obtain the most efficient hood for the cooker, one that is quiet if possible and that vacuums all the smoke. And if your goal is design, it’s possible to meet these needs and also find stylish models today too!

3 . Flow of movement

To facilitate the flow of movement in your kitchen, it might be a good idea to slightly split the spaces to be able to tell the difference between your living room, dining room or kitchen. One option is to change the flooring style.

4 . Decoration

Decoration is the final and essential touch. Kitchen walls should be the same color in order to give off a soft and neutral effect. To emphasize the sense of space, choose light colors which will give the impression that your walls are further away. The design of handles and doorknobs should also keep in line with the overall decoration of the kitchen.

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