Decoration February 25, 2020

New trend: upcycling


New trend: upcycling

There’s nothing more eco-friendly than taking and transforming forgotten objects. Add a little bit of imagination and color, and your object is ready

Decorating your home in a way which responds to the principles of sustainable development has now become extremely trendy, and that includes upstyling. The fashion today involves mixing styles, and this goal can be achieved by adding a small touch of vintage. The furniture chosen can be repainted, renovated or used as it is, the most important thing is that it cost’s nothing.

Thanks to upcycling any furniture can be used and we no longer have to hesitate to proudly display an armchair found on the street. Helping your elderly aunt to move home or cleaning the attic at your parents’ house are good ways to find knick-knacks, little decorations and furniture which can transform your living room. The 50s, 60s and 70s are the centre of the vintage trend, and you can often find objects from these periods at the bottom of your cellars and garages. Feel free to browse!

Don’t confuse recycling and bargains. Antiques, flea markets and garage sales will allow you to purchase, not to find free items!

5 tips to give your home a vintage feel:

1 . Old wooden crates

Assemble asymmetrically four or six wooden boxes (for example, wine boxes). Then simply repaint them to make yourself a bookshelf.

2 . Spice jars

Fix them with strong glue under a shelf hanging on the wall, to create a sytem of organization to sort small objects that you never know where to put.

3 . Old picture frames

Collect old picture frames, paint them in an appropriate colour or add a pattern to get a baroque wall décor!

4 . A useless skateboard

You can take its wheels and screw them on to your desk. A trendy, vintage idea.

5 . A simple shelf

You can add some individuality to your shelf by covering the inside part with paper of geometric or floral pattern that match the colors of your room.

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