Decoration February 25, 2020

Natural wall coverings, the latest green decor trend to follow


Natural wall coverings, the latest green decor trend to follow

Natural plant coatings result in a trendy decoration which gives the effect of a healthy home.

Choose the right covering and for the right purpose

For the interior of your home, a good option is braided plant coverings such as sisal, seagrass, coco or bamboo. Unlike models sold a few years ago, these are lined with a sub-layer of latex or felt in order to mitigate the sound of footsteps and to wear out less rapidly. Being both soft and aesthetic, sisal is most suitable for living rooms, especially if you have opted for a minimalist or cozy decor trend. Many manufacturers have extended their range and now offer a variety of colors, in simple shades such as taupe or chocolate, and even ethnic-inspired patterns. Coco is durable and inexpensive, making it the ideal floor for passageways. Cork and bamboo in the form of laminate tiles are easy to install. They are rot-resistant and well suited to particularly humid spaces, like the bathroom or laundry room.

Plant coverings are also popular when it comes to decorating the terrace. Indeed, bamboo and seagrass, which are naturally rot-proof, can be used both inside and outside. Choose patterned coatings, ikats or graphics, to add a trendy touch and an energised style. Feel free to mix colors and prints, the decor of your terrace should be fun! Be daring with outdoor furniture and rattan or wicker accessories to make the most of an effect which is both cozy and bohemian. Plant coatings which decline vertically with reeds can serve as breaker views and bamboo trellis for your climbing plants. To create customized decor, discover our 3D simulator for the home and create free drawings in 3D before getting started on your work.

5 tips for choosing a plant covering to suit your needs:

1 . Installation area

It’s important to remember, that in choosing a covering, plant or otherwise, you have to first decide what your needs are. For example, in a very busy area, focus on robust materials and easy maintenance.

2 . Maintenance

Some coatings, made of natural fibres, cannot be treated against stains. In places cleaned frequently, such as the kitchen, opt for laminate tiles.

3 . Budget

You can find seagrass or sisal rolls at 2 € / m², which is a very good option for decor on a budget. However, the price of bamboo, in rolls or tiles can range from 20 to 30 € / m² depending on the model and selected colors.

4 . Installation

Slabs are especially easy to install, but rolls are cheaper, because there are fewer drops, especially for smaller rooms.

5 . Style

It’s likely that you will keep your plant covering for many years, so choose a simple style and color which keeps with the decor of your room. Avoid colours that appeal to you but that don’t match your furniture!

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