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Minimalist bedroom decor ideas for relaxation without dullness


Minimalist bedroom decor ideas for relaxation without dullness

We know a calm atmosphere is essential for relaxation and bedroom design can help set this mood. It’s about what’s left out as much as what you put in

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Ban bright colors

Surprisingly, that includes white which in design terms is a bright color. Go for off-white or pastel walls to create a restful feel and keep the bright zingy colors for your living room.


Harmonizing bed cover

Contrast catches the eye – here you want shades to encourage calmness, so it’s better to opt for a harmonizing bedspread that will complement, not contrast with your dominant wall tone.


Classic embroidered embellishments

To compensate for the lack of bright colors, tone-on-tone embroidery on bed cover, throws and cushions lends elegant texture to avoid any possibility of dullness in your decor. Embroidered pillow cases are popular but turn them over for sleeping.


Intricate patterned throws

The fashion for all things Moroccan can add design interest to a minimalist decor. Think complicated monochrome patterns which add depth and movement without jarring color contrasts for an exotic but restful ambience.


Touch-friendly texture

Natural textures supply the warmth and depth to your decor that the minimalist color scheme lacks. Wherever possible, use linen, wool, silk and woven fabrics to instill an air of soft and serene comfort to a bedroom.


Space-saving blinds

Heavy curtains can give a crowded feel to a bedroom. If your room is small, go for blinds instead to save space, provide a color highlight, and maintain that all-important light-shading function.


Restful bedroom lighting

Naturally, lights should be soft and romantic. A bright central light spoils a relaxed atmosphere. Go for as many soft lights as your decor can accommodate; wall-mounted, over the main mirror and on the bedside tables.


Highlighting wood

In a rustic decor, use exposed wood as a feature and highlight it with uplighters to emphasize an interesting texture and grain. Shades of grey and gentle violet look lovely with wood but avoid shades of beige which look dull.


Ban the clutter

Nothing spoils a relaxing atmosphere like having all your clothes, shoes and knick-knacks on display. Fitted and under-bed storage is best, but if you’re on a tight budget you can at least cover the clutter with a curtain matching your color scheme.

TIP 10

Flowers for freshness

Real flowers add charm and authenticity to a peaceful design or try some dried branches or grasses on a stand or mounted in a wall sconce. These provide an elegant relaxation that can’t be beat for a calm atmosphere.


  • Pastel colors give an air of calm serenity. Team greys, lilacs, soft blues and pale greens but try to avoid an all-white look.
  • Replace color with pattern and texture for a rich and luxurious feel. Woven fabrics, wool, linen and silk all provide interesting highlights, so your decor avoids dullness.
  • Choose minimalist bedroom ideas for small rooms: it will bring more brightness and the room will be more spacious. You can check our Inspiration page for more minimalist bedroom design.

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