Interior Design February 25, 2020

Making the under-stairs space feel like a whole new room

Interior Design

Making the under-stairs space feel like a whole new room

If you have stairs, then you have an under-stairs space!

In making creative use of every inch of a small house or apartment, you can make it feel like a whole new room.

Even if you can’t do away with any partition creating an under-stair closet, you can still clear out old storage, install an under-stair closet light, and plenty of under-stair closet shoe storage. But the real fun starts when you remove the partitioning to open the space. Now it can become an independent room with all the essentials of any other room. To achieve the best separation, mark the boundary with a different wall color, a different floor covering and different lighting. Even a contrasting style of wall hanging, picture, or any other decoration will emphasize that this is a whole separate room. There’s no denying it is a small space, so don’t fight it, make it cozy with a shade of paint darker than your living room and a variety of lighting. For example, at least one overhead and one desk lamp for an under-stairs office, and you can make a lovely glowing depth with small lighting strips under shelving.

Emphasize the coziness of the space even more with storage hooks attached to the risers of the stairs for small utensils, office equipment, or colorful mobiles for a child’s play station. If your budget only runs to a desk, chair, and small floor-level storage cupboard, line the back wall with corkboard so you can make a pin-up gallery of family photos and memorabilia. A bunch of flowers, either on a purpose-built floating shelf or on the desk makes a lovely finishing touch. Be careful not to obstruct the natural flow of movement from one room to another. Taking advantage of 3D home design free software can really help here for a design overview. Using a 3D free plan also makes sense because other users in the 3D home design software community never fail to inspire and help you along with some great ideas!

5 tips for a whole new room under the stairs

1 . Partition or not?

With a partition, you won’t have a separate room but you can still make the most of the storage space by clearing, cleaning, installing shelving, shoe boxes, and both overhead and low-level lighting.

2 . Making a room

The real opportunity comes with removal of the partition. You can create an under-stairs office or even child’s play space where there was nothing before!

3 . Marking the difference

It’s important to create a different feel for your new room. Contrasting wall color, lighting designed specifically for the space, and contrasting floor covering, if only a mat, all contribute to the feeling of separation.

4 . Lights, lights, lights

The more sources of low-level illumination you have, the more depth and individuality your new room will have. Apart from a desk lamp and overhead lighting, concealed lighting, under shelves or above cupboards, gives your room personality.

5 . 3-D apartment plan

Visualize your ideas before you commit with a free 3D apartment plan, especially to look at a design overview and check you’re not impacting on flow of movement. You’ll have the fun of lots of fresh ideas from other users too!

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