Interior Design May 17, 2020

Make the most of small spaces

Interior Design

Make the most of small spaces

Taking advantage of every available square meter is a necessity to make the most of your home. Here are some some of our best tips!

It is essential to set the right equation between your needs and the samll space you want to use . It’s useless to think you are can create your dream walk in wardrobe in one simple go but you may be able to create an ideal storage room store all your household linen . Similarly, you won’t create an extra bedroom in the living room alcove, but it might welcome a pretty well-designed play area so that your children who are already sharing a bedrooms can benefit from a separate living area during the day. And of course , even if you do not have the space to create a closed office, you will always find a way to set up an efficient work area in a small secondary space.

You can also decide to use a secondary space to carry out some of your most daring ideas. Make use of a landing as a simple exhibition space, by displaying an art piece that you really like. Remember to complete the ensemble with suitable and aesthetic lighting. In contrast to this simple idea, use a corner to display colors or wallpaper that you do not dare to use to design the rest of your house. In tiny spaces, remember that well-chosen accessories are essential assets. Trendy lighting or a large mirror give depth and brightness to areas that often lack light.

5 tips to make the most out of small spaces!

1 . Tailoring

To make the most out of a small space, tailoring is the best, and sometime the only solution. You can hire a professional who will often be able to come up with good planning ideas, or you can draw yourself this new layout, then take time to refine your plans and above all share them with your friends and family who will be able to give you their own advice.

2 . Spotlights

When carrying out the works, make sure to plan, if necessary, the installation of lights, which can be very useful in a small space. If it’s a closed space choose an automatic ignition.

3 . Camouflage

Should the new space be open or closed? There are many options to choose from. If you have an organized storage area, add natural finishes on all doors. For an office area or play area, it may be a good idea to find a system that can leave the doors open when used and closed at other times. Finally if you put together a nice reading area, it makes sense to be able to make the most of it by leaving it as an open area.

4 . Harmony

Harmony doesn’t mean monotony! The decoration of this new space must match with rest of your home. You can use the same colors or on the contrary use sharp tones. It’s all just a question of style.

5 . Using your new space

When the work is done, takes full advantage of this new space. You should change your habits to ensure you benefit from it.

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