Decoration February 25, 2020

Going retro with Victoriana, America’s hottest trend


Going retro with Victoriana, America’s hottest trend

Victoriana is the new contemporary chic. Here are some interior design ideas to get the look.

Ideas to decorate your home in Victoriana style

The key to easy interior design when you have a particular period in mind is to be choosy. Pick the best and ignore the rest! For example, there’s no need to slavishly follow the much-mocked Victorian fashion for modest little skirts around table legs. There are plenty of other aspects of the style that do somehow seem to fit into modern decor. Stained-glass windows fit easily into new designs for living rooms, even though they hark back to a bygone age. If new glass panels are beyond the budget, it’s easy to find stand-alone panels to attach to windows, or even hang as a feature wall decoration with some subtle backlighting. Other quick deco ideas for a hint of Victoriana include throw rugs rugs rather than wall-to-wall carpeting, wing-backed armchairs (either repro or antique), and standard lamps with classic fringed shades.

Good colors for living rooms with a Victorian feel are cream for authenticity, a contemporary pale gray/mauve or a soft shade of apple green. These will give the calm background that’s needed when you go for furnishings that are fussy by modern standards. If you’re going to scatter deep-colored tapestry rugs over your chaise longue and put a wood-surround pendulum clock on the wall, you need to make sure the background stays simple. The best living room designs always seek this kind of balance, so that the overall effect is harmonious. As an aid to your planning, take a leap back to the modern world and make use of the 3D home design software that easily available. When you look at a 3D apartment plan it can help you see where things are unbalanced, overloaded, or simply don’t look right. Plus, given the current craze, you’ll pick up some great ideas from fellow users!

5 tips for an easy Victorian makeover

1 . Pick and choose

Feel free to pick what you like and jettison the parts that you don’t when you go for a period look. After all, you’re creating a comfortable living space, not a dusty museum.

2 . Stained glass backlighting

If the budget doesn’t stretch to new window panes, try making a feature of a stained-glass panel, with backlighting, as a different style of wall decoration.

3 . Victorian knick-knacks

You could go the whole mile and accumulate little ceramic figurines on your mantelpiece, but a Victorian feel is just as easily achieved with pendulum clocks, free-standing standard lamps, and pictures of pastoral scenes.

4 . Background colors

Keep background wall colors simple so that the overall effect is not too cluttered and crowded. Go for authentic Victorian cream or magnolia, or a nice fresh lilac-gray, or even a pale green shade for your background.

5 . Use modern technology

Your look may be retro, but you can still make use of the modern! 3D home design free software really helps you to visualize the eventual outcome, refine your planning, and avoid expensive mistakes. And when you use a 3D free plan, you pick up great tips from the online community.

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