Decoration February 25, 2020

First impressions count: Entryway decorating for practicalities that please!


First impressions count: Entryway decorating for practicalities that please!

For visitors, it is important to give a good first impression. Strengthen the feeling of well-being with a designer entrance that sets your style.

More than any other room in your home, when decorating an entryway, we are pulled in separate directions: the practicalities of everyday living on the one hand, our desire for a serene and uncluttered environment on the other. We can’t banish boots, mail, hats and coats, or a hurriedly dropped briefcase from our lives, so why try? Accommodate them with practical and stylish storage in your entryway. Antique trunks make lovely storage for footwear. A bench, modern or salvaged, is perfect for sitting to take off outdoor shoes and stowing them neatly underneath. A hat and coat stand could be a line of traditional double hooks on a wooden mount, or a neon-colored plastic swirl with contrasting hooks. A rustic basket can scoop up umbrellas and sticks with room to spare, or an elegant eastern-style urn could do the same job. Go with a basic decision of antique, casual country-style or city chic and stick with it!

Do the decluttering with style in mind and your entryway decoration is almost there. If your theme is country style, choose a wall color to enhance the natural furnishing materials. A soft violet can evoke sweet meadow scents, or a gentle sage green conjures up countryside calm. If your theme is city living, consider the current fashion for a bright mustard yellow or a vibrant magenta. If there is a staircase in the entryway, extend the color up the wall to open up the space. A simple trick is to match the background color with one small item- a pair of rain boots, a vase or picture that brings it all together. Finally, some thing purely decorative. Family photos, a painting, a bowl for keys or a simple vase of grasses. Before deciding on details, it helps to visualize. Experiment with Homebyme’s online 3D tool for inspiration, and exchange ideas with like-minded people too.

5 tips for an entryway that makes you happy to be home :

1 . Decide on a style

Choose your style and only allow in furnishings that enhance your theme. It could be country romantic, rustic, or contemporary. It will help you decide on the details.

2 . Declutter with design

A simple trunk or a bench, or if there’s no room, a simple shelf for two-tier boot storage makes all the difference.

3 . Create a feature

Make a feature of the necessity for coat hooks; restored metal or wood for the country look; something quirky like primary-color flowers or exotic birds for a bright contemporary feel.

4 . Select a color

Be bold and pick a statement color to set the background for your theme. Carry it up the stairs if possible and make the whole thing zing with one little item of the same shade.

5 . Decorate!

Don’t be overwhelmed with practicalities. Your entryway needs a decorative piece just to make you smile: a lovely lamp, a precious souvenir, or just a bunch of flowers!

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