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Designing an open concept bathroom easily


Designing an open concept bathroom easily

Trendy and controversial at the same time, open concept bathroom are one of those subjects that every deco lover has an opinion on. This design idea was born about twenty years ago, in luxury hotels, before becoming popular recently. Some examples, with a striking lack of taste, can be quite chilling. But with talent and creativity, open-plan bathrooms can be the best idea you can have for your interior!

Get an open concept master bathroom

When you think about an open bathroom, what comes up to your mind is a master bedroom. Unlike the family bathroom , an open bathroom as part of a parental suite is a private area. As we’re used to see open master bathroom in master suites, we get the wrong idea that rooms should be huge in order to set up this home decor. Wrong! Your small interior can get the bathroom design it deserves aswell. And moreover, opening a room can gives the sensation of space!

If you’re not a fan of frosted glass to separate your bathroom from the bedroom, you also can divide it with some walk in closet or install a bathroom completely openable! Everything is possible, except maybe set up a water closet in a completely open bathroom. This could be a touchy design move. Also, unless you really don’t have a choice, don’t install a washing machine and dryer in your open bathroom: this has to remain a peaceful room!

Finally, you can arrange and decorate it according to your personal taste. Again, unlike many other parts of the house, this space is completely yours!

Open concept bathroom shower

Open concept bathroom is really popular in luxurious island hotels. If you want to get some heavenly vibes, why not go for a tropical decor or a boho style? Then, a concept bathroom shower should be the best!

The days of shower trays are long gone. From now on, showers blend into the bathroom decor, without distinction to the floor. They can be giant and offer all kinds of effects.

You can mark the passage between the bathroom and the bedroom by a low wall , a platform, a color change or a change of flooring. To keep harmony with the rest of the parental suite and especially for a bathroom, don’t divide the rooms by using multiple colors. Choose a monochrome atmosphere that will give the impression of having more space, an essential element in this type of refurbishment.

Given that they will be visible from your bedroom you should opt for plain furniture. Define the storage you’ll need in advance: for towels , cosmetics , makeup, laundry… You will also have to choose between individual or shared cabinets.

If the supply of light coming into the room seems insufficient , plan to incorporate natural light as much as possible.

Open bathroom: a stunning design but challenging to implement

Before starting the remodeling, keep in mind that open concept bathroom needs to match your habits. This type of layout requires a little discipline when living as a couple with different schedules. Take into account the sound of water and the use of lighting.

Especially for this type of remodeling, which combines technical installations, refurbishment and decoration, set your budget as accurately as possible. This will allow you to choose the most suitable elements and materials.

If you have a large budget, and for either a partial or complete remodeling, entrust everything to a professional.

On the contrary, if you supervise the work yourself , ask for quotes. Rely on the more detailed ones, which are not necessarily the most expensive, and always add an additional 10% for unforeseen expenses.

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