Bathroom February 25, 2020

5 tips to help you get the best bathroom design ideas!


5 tips to help you get the best bathroom design ideas!

How to get the best bathroom design ideas when it seems to be the hardest one to decorate? Well, with a bit of strategy, you can overcome the problems of size and plumbing constraints, and get a stunning bathroom!

As many bathroom designs as there are bathrooms

Many brands today offer accessories and furniture that are both stylish and practical. It’s worth investing in a room where everyday comfort is essential. But where to start? Well, whether you want a white bathroom or a colored one, some rules applies to get a successful design.

Main question for a bathroom design: which tile floor to choose? Really trendy lately and quite easy to set up in a small bathroom is indutrial style.

Get some subway tile on some part of your wall and some cage pendant lights. Don’t forget about the front mirror, your focal point, where the light should be powerful without being too dazzling. If you’re up for some industrial vibes, install some vanity lighting.

Small spaces are all about light fixtures and storages. Your tiny bathroom should feel like a cozy area, more than a cupboard!

You get a master bathroom with a huge bath, twin vanity-sinks and a spacious powder room? Well, you can choose to go with some farmhouse or boho atmosphere. It’s clear that your bathroom remodel will be easier if you have no space restriction. But to decorate a modern bathroom can be tricky sometimes.

Here are 5 tips to design the perfect bathroom!

1 . Measure your space

First key step! To define the layout that matches your bathroom, you must first obtain the precise measurements, taking into account elements such as pipes or radiators and the location of pipelines and drainage slopes.

2 . Design your plans

If possible place the sink near the light source, at the same time ensuring that the placing of the bathtub, ensures the simplification piping installation. Plan the installation of electricity upstream and according to safety standards, as well as doing the same for a heater and a hot water tank if needs be. Framework solutions are good options for these elements.

3 . Know your constraints

Sometimes the reality is difficult to accept, but necessary! Know how to adapt the elements to the space you have for your bathroom decor. A sink may be small, a shower can be placed in a tiny corner… Consider installing wall units and a large mirror. And go for light colors.

4 . Adjustable furniture

Your shower can also have multiple purposes. You can create a custom-made Corian shower tray with raised edges that will be ideal for small bathtubs and is especially useful if it is installed at a height to compensate for lack of depth.

5 . Bathtubs small bathroom design ideas

In small rooms, if you really want to install a master bath , you can find short models, but much higher than usual. With these, the comfort of the bathtub remains intact. Don’t forget to install a footstep to ensure you can enter the bath without any difficulty.

If your bathroom has too many constraints, don’t hesitate to cretae your dream home decor in 3D and ask for advices to interior designers.

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