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Design with light: how decorating with mirrors transforms your living space


Design with light: how decorating with mirrors transforms your living space

Interior design has gone from a simple and functional mirror to an art that can add color and movement to your home.

Some things will never change. The traditional mirror over the washbasin, the living room fireplace, and the bedroom dressing table are still with us because they’re simply necessary. But you can take these principles and play with light to change the mood. Among mirror living room ideas, try casting a new angle on the traditional over-mantel mirror. It can be transformed from a traditional stand-alone feature to a background of light and space for a much-loved painting or photograph; surrounded by light and moving reflections, the artwork or picture itself is, quite literally, shown in a new light. You can take this one step further with a chimney breast entirely covered in mirror panels; clear mirror for a clean contemporary decor, tinted for a cozier feel, or antique mirrored mercury glass in a sophisticated decor complete with period furnishings.

Try our ideas for decorating walls with mirrors designs

One of the most dramatic mirror ideas is on a patio or porch. Mirror-lined sides and even ceilings placed behind a trellis with climbing plants can create a magical sense of glow and a multiplication of the fresh outdoor greenery. Hanging lanterns increases the almost organic-looking luminosity. Or think about bathroom mirror ideas for a small bathroom. A traditional mirror wall can look cold in a white bathroom, but try creating a mirror panel surrounded by an inlaid frame of colored or mosaic glass: it adds a cozy glow while expanding the space. In the kitchen, especially if you have copper or cast iron utensils worth showing off, create a mirror panel behind the shelf. It reflects the glow of the utensils and adds a warm depth to your kitchen. Decorate your walls with several mirrors rather than sets of frames to give a more graphic and modern feel to your interior. Mix and match heights and shapes to create your own pattern that will make your room unique and vibrant. Whatever you do, prepare first by using a 3D free plan3D home design software from Homebyme can open your eyes to how things will really look, and inspire you to create more ideas!

5 tips for adding space and depth with reflected light

1 . Reflect the mood

In your living room, enhance the mood you already have with an extended over-mantel mirror. For contemporary spaces, line the whole chimney breast with clean, clear reflections; in an antique-style space, use antique mirrored mercury glass. Dress up your entrance with a console table decor with mirror that will be as practical as they are eye-catching. Embellish the console with a pretty floral arrangement, a bowl to store your items or an abstract sculpture to give it even more charm.

2 . Framing with light

With extended over-mantel mirrored panels, use the light to frame your over-mantel feature; a painting, photograph or wooden wall sculpture will all be warmed and enhanced by the surrounding light and reflected movement.

3 . A warm bathroom

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a city apartment with views, a clear mirror wall opposite the window can make the space feel cold. Create your own artwork that also expands the space with a mirror panel surrounded by colored or mosaic-style glass panels to keep it cozy.

4 . Kitchen glow

If you like the open display look, especially with copper, cast iron, or colorful utensils, line the back of your display shelves with a mirror panel. The depth and glow will add real warmth to your kitchen, as well as subtly enlarging the space.

5 . Patio magic

A patio or porch lined on the sides – and even the ceiling – with mirror panels will add a magical depth to a patio space, especially behind an open trellis with climbing foliage. Hanging lanterns will enhance the lovely effect. Decorating with multiple mirrors is also a good way to beautify your patio. The greenery will be reflected from all angles, giving it more depth. Add string lights for a soft, almost faerie-like atmosphere.

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