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Bedroom storage ideas that don’t box you in

Interior Design

Bedroom storage ideas that don’t box you in

As houses get smaller, every storage space becomes precious. But it’s hard to keep a well-decorated and pleasant home when you accumulate too much stuff. Here are some bedroom storage ideas to keep your atmosphere calm and relaxed.

TIP 1 – Set up storage systems under the bed

First and most obvious, go for a bed with built-in storage system underneath. If you don’t want to change your bed, invest in some free-rolling under-bed drawers, which must not exceed the bed frame. You can hide this bed storage with a valance or paint them to match your decor.

TIP 2 – A key small bedroom storage ideas: banish bedside tables

Saving space in small spaces sometimes means making sacrifices. Clever bedroom storage solutions mean challenging your assumptions. Do you really need that bedside table with its built-in wasted space for bits and pieces? Substitute a real chest of drawers or even your dressing table. And for really small bedroom storage ideas, a short floating shelve will do the trick!

TIP 3 – Hide the bin

If you really can’t live without that little bedside drawer, invest in a pull-down opening on the cupboard underneath and attach your rubbish bin to the door. Result: bedside table space utilised, floor space freed up. Don’t forget a nice storage bench with storage system if you can put it next to your bed!

TIP 4 – An other key point to organize a small bedroom: use wall space

Once you’ve grown out of pop star posters, one of the most stylish storage ideas for bedrooms is to use your walls for peg boards or shallow shelving sets. Having your prettiest items on display adds intimacy without feeling crowded. Less furnitures means an open air room and an easy access: priceless for small spaces

TIP 5 – Over-curtain shelf

Look at the space above your curtain rail. It can probably accommodate a single shelf which you can use for books, boxes or rarely-used shoes. If it doesn’t protrude more than the curtains, it blends nicely into the background.

TIP 6 – Under-celling shelf

Extend the curtain rail idea with a shelf around the perimeter of the walls about a foot below the ceiling for lots of extra space. Just be careful not to store anything that protrudes, or you will feel boxed in.

TIP 7 – Built-in wardrobe

Some of the best small bedroom storage ideas simply involve hiding things away. A built-in wardrobe can do this better by making the most of floor-to-ceiling space. Alternatively, install a storage unit above the wardrobe to match the contours.

TIP 8 – Moulding shoe rack

Use vacant wall space for a few lines of moulding painted the same color as your walls. High-heels can be stacked by the heel with their soles resting on the wall. This clears space from your wardrobe and looks great.

TIP 9 – Door-hanging laundry

An Aladdin’s basket for your laundry is dated anyway. You can free up the floor space by hanging a laundry bag on the back of your bedroom door. This is one of the best bedroom storage solutions to unclutter floors.

TIP 10 – Wardrobe hooks

An often-overlooked storage space is on the back wall of your wardrobe. Mount some hooks on that blank space you don’t normally see and use it for occasionally-used bags, purses, coats and jackets


  • Make a shallow shelf over your curtain rail for books, hats, and boxes or even install a shelf all around the perimeter of the bedroom a foot below the ceiling.
  • Utilise vacant wall space with peg boards, cork boards, or strips of moulding to store small items and shoes.

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