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Adding a touch of class with sophisticated satin brass


Adding a touch of class with sophisticated satin brass

Designers agree that too many shiny metallic reflections in your home aren't beautiful. However, it does work for satin or brushed brass. So treat you

The design world’s love affair with natural materials shows no sign of cooling. We are still swooning over the impressive effects you can create by mixing marble and metals, granite and pewter, or the rich soothing tones of mahogany matched with copper. But most of all, brass is back big time. ‘Brassy’ has never been a compliment, but in 2017, brass has a sophisticated new look. The soft sheen of a satin brass finish gives a warm and luxurious feel to a lounge, bedroom, or kitchen. A satin brass patina brings comfort to an otherwise stark kitchen. Try classic pendant lights in satin brass over a kitchen island, or give kitchen cabinet doors a glamorous makeover with satin brass paint. The trend lends itself to satin brass furniture too, with a favorite being a brushed brass bedstead to bring a subtle touch of radiance to a cozy bedroom.

While you’re thinking of all the possibilities of satin brass home design, don’t forget that in the living room, changing a few key focus points can be as good as a makeover. Simply change ceramic or glass vases for signature pieces in satin brass. You could even scour the thrift shops for polished brass containers and rub them yourself, using glass paper of fine quality. If you do this, make it out of doors to avoid the dust. Before you start on any major makeover, test out your wilder ideas though. See if they stand up to the test of 3D home design-free software—when you’ve visualized how things will turn out, you could well make improvements. You can also have the makeover fun factor multiplied when you exchange ideas and inspiration with other 3D apartment plan users. There’s a lot of creativity waiting to be tapped out there!

5 Tips and Tricks

1 . Natural materials

Think about bringing satin brass into a mix of natural materials, such as marble or other metals, or go for striking color matches with contrasting materials, like pewter and granite or the glow of hardwood and copper.

2 . Soft satin kitchen

Bring warmth to a plain kitchen with brushed brass highlights; even a tile splash back in satin brass can look stunning. You could change pendant light fittings for a kitchen island to brass to add a revitalizing glow.

3 . Satin brass paint

For an instant kitchen makeover without the outlay, try repainting your cabinets, or any open shelving, in satin brass paint. This will bring a completely new look, but it’s quick and easy, and only a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen!

4 . Satin brass bedstead

A brass bedstead always brings a mood of rural solidity to a bedroom, but with satin brass, it’s overlaid with urban chic! A few cobalt blue highlights in bedside light shades or ceramic bowls will make a gorgeous color combination.

5 . 3D free plan

Increase the fun to be had from makeover ideas with 3D home design software. You’ll be inspired by being able to visualize your ideas, and also benefit from exchanging thoughts with other users.

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