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A summer palette to brighten your living room


A summer palette to brighten your living room

Living room colour combinations that are just right for the season will create a relaxing mood. Take a look at our summer living room ideas!

Before you get carried away with any new living room colour schemes, focus on the natural light that comes into the space. Nothing evokes a summery feel as much as gossamer-light voile curtains wafting in the breeze, so replace any heavy winter drapery with curtains that let the light stream through. If your location means that you need night-time privacy, go for roller blinds instead so they can be closed when the lights are on. Modern colour schemes for living room relaxation tend towards a pastel but neutral background. A fresh coat of paint in a shade of pale grey with a hint of lilac will feel cool and make the perfect setting for distressed wooden furniture or a colourful sofa throw. The summer brightness should come from a few feature colours like a wall poster in celandine yellow or scatter cushions in a deep sapphire blue, especially on a white, stone or pebble grey background.

A seasonal feel can come from just a few focus points like seagrass accessories and jute chairs and even more so from just one piece of furniture repainted in a summer-fresh shade to catch the added hours of daylight. If you have dark-coloured flooring, cover it with pale rugs or ideally make the change to bare stripped floorboards or a light-coloured carpet. Remember, before you set out for the shops or start browsing your new colour paint charts, to make the most of some 3D home design software to help in the project. A 3D free plan can make all the difference between a fresh new look and an expensive mistake. You’ll have fun picking up ideas from other 3D apartment plan users too, as well as adding your own ideas to the pool of inspiration!

5 tips for a summer living room:

1 . Maximising natural daylight

Make the most of the extra daylight hours by replacing any heavy curtains with light fabric; nothing reflects a summery feel as beautifully as soft voile curtains drifting in the breeze.

2 . Neutral background

Walls can be white as the perfect background, but a neutral shade like grey-violet, pebble grey or stone can work to lighten your décor too. Keep the intense colours for small splashes of colour like a sofa throw or scatter cushions.

3 . Beach-style textures

Set a summer mood with natural materials like wicker chairs, jute baskets and sea-grass accessories.

4 . Light-reflective flooring

If you’re stuck with dark flooring cover it with pastel rugs; ideally go for stripped natural floorboards or a pale carpet.

5 . Gather inspiration

Take advantage of 3d home design free software as part of your project. It will add to your design confidence by letting you visualise your ideas before making any final decisions.

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