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5 ways to make most of your terrace!


5 ways to make most of your terrace!

Your terrace is an important living space just like any other room in your home. Read our advice on how to get the most out of it.

Whether your terrace is large or small, it is now frequently referred to as the “other room in the house”. It’s a very precious space, especially if you live in the city and it, therefore, deserves your utmost attention. To make the most of it, you have to pay attention to the layout, materials, equipment, furniture and plants. The keyword here is “optimization”. Choose the layout that is best adapted to your lifestyle. You like having people over and want to cook outside? Invest in a table and cooking utensils. You’d prefer to use this area to relax? In this case, your floor plan is your most efficient tool. It’ll help you gain a better perspective of your perfect layout. Here it’s important to take into account your terrace’s position in relation to sunlight.

You can design two models to divide the day and which are best situated depending on what time it is. Finally, don’t forget that your terrace is an extension of your home. You’ll need a certain degree of consistency, be it related to material or shades.

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Terrace

1 . Planning flow paths

Each area of your terrace can be adjusted depending on the room onto which it opens. This will make movement between and in rooms easier. A dining area facing your kitchen or your dining room, a resting area facing a bedroom. Try to be as logical as possible.

2 . Sun Protection

If you plan on enjoying the sun on your terrace, then you’ll need to also be able to protect yourself from it. You can, of course, invest in a parasol but for a terrace, it’s a good idea to install a sunshade or a blind. And if you have enough room, consider installing an arbor.

3 . Lighting

Lighting is an important element when it’s night time. Always remember to light up your dining or living area. Ideally, try to purchase an adjustable lighting and quality system. Don’t hesitate to obtain assistance from an expert in this respect.

4 . Furniture

Of course, you’ll need to find furniture resistant to UV light, rain or wind, which are also in harmony with the style of the rest of your terrace and home decor. Purchases furniture and accessories of quality.

5 . Finances

It’s important to plan your dream design projects in advance but make sure to define a budget and take into account the possible intervention of a professional. The construction of a terrace requires some heavy work especially when it comes to leve

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