Boho chic decor ideas

Find inspiration from Boho chic images to start your project.
The boho chic style is inspired by the Boho style and the 1960-1970s. It gives a warm atmosphere with an eclectic, unique feel that reflects your life. For more boho chic decorating ideas, check out our Inspiration page and imagine your future project with the creations of our community.

To transform your interior with the boho chic style, rustic and natural materials are to be favored like wood, rattan, cotton. For example, a rattan hanging chair will be perfect to create a soft and comfortable reading corner. Fill it with soft cushions of different materials: embroidery, macramé, velvet... You can also combine more noble materials, such as faux fur or leather for a warmer look. Also furnish the space with a rug, using natural fibers (a jute or rush rug for example), to define the main functions of a large open room.

This style also takes elements from different eras, to give more personality and elegance to a room. Vintage is a good alternative, but also some Mid-century Modern style accessories will add charm to your interior. Brightness is also important: large openings are to be preferred. You can also deceive the eye by choosing pastel and bright colors: a light sage green, a pastel blue or a warm smoky beige.

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