The best places to find cheap deco accessories

It is not always obvious to carry out a decorative project that reconciles our desires and our budget. Here are some shopping trails and other places to find cheap deco accessories.

Practical guide - 31 January 2017

Tip 1


You can find everything on Internet; including decoration with designers’ items, modern light design, handmade carpets … To save your money, register on online private sales specialized in decoration.

Tip 2


This huge website offers an unprecedented choice in decoration. Wallpaper, building materials or decorative objects, you’ll find everything you need. This is the perfect spot if you already know what you are looking for.

Tip 3


Each year, the supermarkets enlarge their decorative radius. You’ll find cheap frames, cushions and bed linens inspired by current trends such as Scandinavian decoration or vintage style.

Tip 4

Discount decor stores

Even if they do not make us dream, these stores offer cheap accessories, perfect to begin a decoration. Favor basic products, such as candles, colored sands to customize your home decor.

Tip 5


The big Swedish furniture company also offers decoration. It is obviously ideal for finding a Scandinavian decoration at a low price. We especially like the prints of their cushions and bed linens and the accessories for the kitchen.    

    Cheap Deco 2

Tip 6

Garage sales

The big classic from vintage deco! Garage sales are perfect for hunting old furniture or appliances from a few years ago. We first buy the 50’s buffets, school desks and so on.

Tip 7

Flea markets

More expensive than garage sales, flea markets are the paradise for bargain hunters. It is the perfect place to find beautiful antique furniture, unfortunately rather expensive, or vintage accessories: wardrobe doors, locks, handles…

Tip 8


They are believed to be reserved for art connoisseurs, but auctions actually concern many everyday objects. You will find antique furniture as well as modern one.

Tip 9

On the sidewalk

Better than the cheap deco, the free deco! Go for a walk on recycling days and collect boards of wood, small furniture, cushions and other curtains. They will be perfect for your DIY terrace or a creative project.

Tip 10

On holiday

Bring back the decor item from your holiday trips. Favor beautiful artisanal trinkets, if possible. You can use them to adopt a bohemian decoration.

In a nutshell

All types of shops may have an interest, but you should know what you are looking for.

Internet is a practical tool, but attention to the finishes, pictures are often flattering.

Take the time to build your project and save money to buy the accessory you really desire.

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