Refresh your living room with a seasonal color change

When the nights draw in and autumn leaves start to change color, our thoughts turn away from garden barbecues and towards cozy evenings by the fire. Welcome the fall with a makeover of great color combinations for your living room to embrace the changing seasonal mood.

Articles - 13 September 2016

Great living rooms are, like life, always moving forward and never stay the same for too long. For this fall, warm color schemes are a perfect match for the season. A pumpkin-peachy shade of orange brings to mind the changing leaves; tones from nature like maple, persimmon, and spicy burnt orange all set the mood for cozy evenings. If you love relaxing colors with a touch of serenity, latte or mushroom make a soothing and mellow background. Spice it up with splashes of deep Prussian blue or even intense amethyst, with touches of gold to hang on to the last of the summer sunbeams. If, on the other hand, you are thinking more of a quick coat of new paint for your makeover, that’s a fun way to freshen up too. It’s amazing what a weekend of rolled-up sleeves and paintbrush or roller in hand can achieve.

Seasonal color 2

When you’ve chosen your new beautiful living room colors, you have your palette background; now all you need is to pull it all together so the whole room tells the same story. If your background is one of the lighter fall colors, say latte, mushroom, or pumpkin, you could change your fireside rug and cushions to a deeper version of the same idea: intense splashes of persimmon, spicy burnt orange, or rust will give a designer feel to your scheme. Think about door frame color and window frames too; a frame picked out in a deeper shade of a similar hue can add amazing depth, particularly in a room which is lacking in alcoves and recesses. If you’re spending a lot of money on new furnishings, you absolutely ought to check your plans using a 3D apartment plan to avoid expensive mistakes; 3D home design free software is a real bonus, as it brings design subtlety and the top designers’ ability to visualize closer to all of us.

5 tips for your fall color makeover:

1 . Colors from nature

There’s no better time than fall to look to nature for color inspiration. Warm ambers, persimmon, pumpkin, and maple bring warmth and serenity to your living space. Glints of gold highlights reflect the last rays of summer’s sunshine.

2 . A touch of spice

If your background is a mellow shade like mushroom or latte, add a touch of spice with deep paprika or tangy turmeric; for a cooler, less-autumnal mood, you could brighten them with deep Prussian blue or even an intense amethyst.

3 . Color your accessories

Give coherence and an all-over designer feel to your makeover color scheme by using cushions, rugs, and even paintings on the wall to add vibrancy, depth, and contrast to your background color.

4 . Depth in doorframes

Frames of doors and windows can also be used for an added intensity of color highlights. A frame picked out in your support color can add an amazing amount of depth to a room, particularly if the walls have no recesses or alcoves.

5 . Remember to visualize

There’s really no substitute for the ability to visualize how your ideas will turn out. Don’t be shy of using a 3D free plan to help you make those crucial design decisions. You can take inspiration and encouragement from the online community, too!

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