Kitchen color palette inspirations for summer 2016

Always the heart of the family home, the kitchen sets the tone and atmosphere of the whole household, and a new palette can inspire a fresh feel. The colors of summer 2016 will establish a cool serenity, just right for the season.    

Articles - 12 July 2016

Stone, slate, and bright metal colors: down to earth and up to the minute!

No matter whether your kitchen is sleekly high-tech or country-style and homey, a new kitchen color scheme makes you feel fresh, bright, and glad to be home. The intense colors and showcase highlights of past decades are on the decline, and in 2016, designers are looking to the Nordic style for color inspiration. It favors a mood that is soft but not somber, pastel rather than clinical white, decorative not chintzy, and with warm highlights that glow rather than blaze. Think earth tones; not earth-red or terracotta, but more rocky colors like slate, granite, agate, and marble. Mix with paler wood shades such as ash, maple, and birch, and choose a subtle highlight for a cozy lift. For example, you could warm up the grays and creams with soft shades of lavender or primrose; nothing too contrasting for the real modern look.

Kitchen Color palette Secondaire

Designers know that this palette needs the right kind of highlighting to bring it alive, and that’s why metal fittings in copper or bronze – cabinet handles, light fittings, and even range hoods in warm-colored metals look fabulous in this color scheme. Beware of silver or pewter colors as these will tip your scheme towards chilliness. A 3D free plan will help you to see what works best for you. Lighting is also crucial to add warmth to what could be too cool a palette. Both light fittings and bulbs have a part to play, as does the positioning of your illumination. The trend for 2016 is for under-cabinet lighting, either spotlights or strips, to eliminate dark corners and keep the palette glowing. With this mood in mind, it’s a great idea to experiment with color combinations using Homebyme 3D home design software before you commit paintbrush to wall or order those irresistible slate tiles. Visualization is the key to achieving the result you want.

5 tips for a cool kitchen palette in summer 2016

1 . Visualize first

Help yourself to gain a clear picture of how your new color palette will feel in reality. Use 3D home design free software as a modern, helpful, and inspiring planning tool.

2 . Colors of nature

Nature’s foundation blocks: rocky colors like slate, granite, and marble, combined with pale wood such as ash, birch, or maple combine beautifully for a sophisticated but natural and warm ambiance.

3 . Choose warm highlights

Avoid harsh contrasts, but choose a highlight color that tones with your base kitchen color palette: add lavender to a base of grays, and primrose to creamy base colors.

4 . Copper and bronze

The warm-colored metals like copper and burnished bronze will add depth to your palette while keeping the earth-colors theme. Use metal for handles, light fittings, and range hoods.

5 . Overall lighting

Light up dark corners with under-cabinet strips or spotlights. There’s no need for bright white; a pastel earth-color scheme will benefit from warm glowing lighting colors.

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