How to look after your pool during winter

How can you protect your swimming pool during winter? Here are our tips that will help you keep your pool in perfect condition for summer.


Practical guide - 30 December 2015

Tip 1

When to start

When the water drops to 12 degrees and the temperature is stabilized.Take into account that the more time you wait, the better the quality of the water will be.

Tip 2

Should the pool be emptied completely

No, when you are working with such high quantities of water, it is important to save some. Furthermore, water keeps the lining of the pool in good condition.

Tip 3

The passive way

There are two types of ways to winterize your pool. The passive method is preferable for severe winters. In this case, you should stop filtration and water treatment completely.

Tip 4

First steps

To start with, you should clean the bottom of the pool and all the equipment, and then treat the water so that it reaches the correct PH level. Lower the water level to the drain, and stop filtering. Don’t forget to empty and protect all filtration equipment.

Tip 5

The final touch

Put a special wintering agent in your pool and close all power plugs, sockets and nozzles. Wintering floats will allow you to limit freezing. Finally, use a winter cover to protect your pool against dirt.

Tip 6

The active method

This method is preferable if you live in the temperate regions. The filtration can be adapted to the temperature of the air and water with a special anti-frost box that can be either manual or electronic. It operates for approximately two hours a day.

Tip 7

Key figures

When the temperature is about 16 °, you need 5 hours of filtration; for 14° – 4 hours, for 12° – about 3 hours and for 10° – 2h. Furthermore, from -5 ° to -10 ° you need 6 hours of filtration and if the temperature is beyond -10 ° the filtration should be taken out without interruption.

Tip 8

Different steps

You should use a special product at the beginning of the season and repeat the action regularly. Also check the pH and pool equipment and as it becomes colder, create water movement by launching water bombs.

Tip 9


You can also protect your pool with a special pool cover.

Tip 10


When the temperature is below 15°, never use automatic cleaners.  

In a nutshell

Maintain your pool all the year to facilitate the winter.

Even during the winter, check the color of the water and the condition of the pool regularly.

And don’t forget to prepare the equipment room for winter.

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