Design your studio in 10 steps

Even in a small space, it’s possible to maximise organization and efficiency. The secrets of making your studio a pleasure to live in are revealed below.

Practical guide - 13 January 2016

Tip 1

The basics

First of all, work on the essential points of the living space, even the small ones. Focus on the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Tip 2

Take action !

Distribution should be organized around these three areas and ensure smooth flow. If you are in the attic, take this into account, by providing maximum space for movement in the centre of the room.

Tip 3

Avoiding mess

With this in mind, storage spaces is highly important. It must be adequate, adaptable and accessible. Mess must be avoided at all costs.   Secondary Visual

Tip 4


Here, you have to set your priorities. For a student studio, the most important area is where the desk is. On the contrary, for someone who comes back home from work, it’s more important to provide a space where it’s possible to relax.  

Tip 5

Amenities for larger spaces

It’s possible to enjoy all same amenities that we put in large spaces as in smaller ones. Modular and retractable furnitures are often the ideal solution to do so.


Tip 6


When organising the room do your best to ensure that the maximum amount of natural light can enter. A studio with a lot of light gives the feeling of space.


Tip 7

Lighting sources

Lighting completes your studio’s atmoshphere. While this may seem like a bit of an exaggeration, don’t hesitate to install multiple points of light and adjust them to each sub-area of ​​your studio. Spot lamp type lights for the kitchen area, adjustable wall lamps for the bedroom, table lamps for the desk … A well planned lighting scheme makes all the difference.

Tip 8

Let's talk about decoration

It’s well known that pale colors give the sense of more space. Regarding paint and fabric, you should definitely avoid dark colors and opt for softer harmonies.

Tip 9

On the floor

Delimit space by using different materials on the floor. Cement tiles can be enough to create the illusion of a real kitchen.  

Tip 10


Integrated furniture is a good solution to save space. If you want to add a personal touch with family furniture or knickknacks, make the right choices to avoid a large build up.

In a nutshell

You have to work on your studio as if it were an apartment or a house. A small space can offer many options, it’s up to you to define the one that matches your needs.

The care you bring to designing and mantaining your studio is final key to a successful home.

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