5 tips to design your perfect bathroom!

How can you make the most of this space which is generally a lot smaller than the other rooms that make up your home? Without the dream space we would like, quality furniture can turn the bathroom into a very comfortable room especially if you respect distance which facilitates the flow of movement.

Articles - 28 May 2015

Many brands today offer accessories and furniture that are both stylish and practical. It’s worth investing in a room where everyday comfort is essential. Lighting is very important in the bathroom which is generally a room which emits quite a cold atmosphere and this lighting comes from three main sources. First of all, in front of the mirror, where the light should be powerful without being too dazzling. Halogen bulbs are well suited here, especially if they are placed at various points around the mirror. Ideal general lighting consists of spotlights in a false ceiling.

Finally for the atmosphere, you should install a third source of light with colored LED bulbs, for example, which will allow you to relax without being bothered by the light. Ensure that you comply with safety standards. This is essential in order to avoid accidents in rooms where water runs alongside electricity.

Here are 5 tips to design the perfect bathroom!

1 . Measure your space

To define the layout that matches your bathroom, you must first obtain the precise measurements, taking into account elements such as pipes or radiators and the location of pipelines and drainage slopes.

2 . Design your plans

If possible place the sink near the light source, at the same time ensuring that the placing of the bathtub, ensures the simplification piping installation. Plan the installation of electricity upstream and according to safety standards, as well as doing the same for a heater and a hot water tank if needs be. Framework solutions are good options for these elements.

3 . Know your constraints

Know how to adapt the elements to the space you have. A sink may be small, a shower can be placed in a tiny corner… Consider installing wall units and a large mirror. And go for light colors.

4 . Adjustable furniture

Your shower can also have multiple purposes. You can create a custom-made Corian shower tray with raised edges that will be ideal for small bathtubs and is especially useful if it is installed at a height to compensate for lack of depth.

5 . Bathtubs

In small rooms, if you really want to install a bathtub , you can find short models, but much higher than usual. With these, the comfort of the bathtub remains intact. Don’t forget to install a footbstep to ensure you can enter the bath without any difficulty. These can reach up to 90 centimeters, although classical models are closer to 55 centimeters.

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