Christmas decorations – part of the holiday cheer

Decking out for Christmas is all part of the fun. Here are our tips for making an impact with fun, sophistication, and just the right side of over-the-top!

Practical guide - 6 December 2016

Tip 1

Starlight, not supernova

So your neighbor has flashing lights that shatter the peace of a starry night? Don’t compete. Stick to white or gold lights, with perhaps a slight twinkle. Your neighborhood will thank you!

Tip 2

2-D Christmas tree

If space is limited, there’s no need for a 3-D tree. Just make a wall hanging using shiny baubles and invisible thread, in the shape of a tree. It’s magical!

Tip 3

A fabric tree

Christmas DIY for kids has endless opportunities. Try making a wigwam-shaped tree of transparent fabric, and get them to decorate it with home-made shapes stuck on with glue, or stitched for security.

Tip 4

A window wreath

Beautiful Christmas decorations don’t need to be expensive. Use a hoop as a frame for greenery and tinsel for a wreath to hang inside a window.

Tip 5

Heart tree decoration

One for children of the right age, if they’re ok with scissors and a needle – let them cut out heart shapes from felt, sew the edges with wool blanket stitch, stuff with rice or beans, and decorate with sequins or appliquéd felt cut-outs.    

    Christmas 2

Tip 6

Greenery everywhere

Fresh greenery isn’t just for a traditional wreath! The banister railing on your stairways, around the hall mirror or even around the bedhead in children’s bedrooms. Try to find a variety of pine tree that won’t drop its needles everywhere to save you new year’s headaches!

Tip 7

Mid-winter flowers 

Try some crocus, hyacinth or narcissus bulbs in small pots as table decorations. Decorate the holders with silver sparkle and perhaps a ribbon – they look lovely and add a fresh flowery scent to your Christmas cheer.

Tip 8

Sideboard Santa

If you really can’t resist a little Santa on his sleigh pulled by a felt-antlered reindeer, make him a snowy base with fluffed up cotton wool stuck to a small tray. That way the snowflakes will stay put, and you can keep Santa off the dinner table!

Tip 9

English Christmas decorations

There’s no substitute for Christmas crackers on the dinner table. No, you don’t eat them; these are made of decorated paper on a cardboard base, you pull them apart with whoever sits next to you, and out drops a corny joke and a paper hat!

Tip 10

Sophisticated centerpiece 

Even your kids will love the simplicity of a few slim candles of varying heights, grouped together and surrounded by a small green wreath as a table centerpiece. It doesn’t need to be over-the-top to look absolutely delightful!

In a nutshell

If there’s no room for a tree, make one from flimsy fabric or opt for a bauble wall hanging.

Lights don’t need to be multi-colored or flashing for a holiday sparkle. White or gold fits the season and look

Get hold of some dinner table Christmas crackers for authentic English eccentricity!

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