10 tips to design the best outdoor kitchen

To enjoy your backyard all year-round, the best solution is to design an outdoor kitchen. If you do opt for this, make sure to take into account a number of important installation elements.

Practical guide - 2 June 2015

Tip 1


Your summer kitchen is a great space for preparing BBQ’s and for spending time with your friends and family. It’s really practical in this respect.

Tip 2


It’s not highly complicated to obtain water by connecting this area to the watering system but for the drainage system, we recommend contacting a professional.

Tip 3


You can either choose an electrical system or an authentic wood burning stove. On terraces or balconies, we highly suggest an electric BBQ.

Tip 4


To design the best outdoor kitchen, make sure to have a place to store objects. Pre-built weather resistant furniture is the best.

Your outdoor furniture can be made of wood, stone or plaster. You can cover them with polished concrete, cement or mosaic tiles.

Tip 5


To ensure the best results, don’t hesitate to get in touch with professionals, landscapers or architects. They’ll suggest the most compatible and sustainable options for your home.

Tip 6

The cold

If you have an electric system nearby, we recommend installing a small fridge to keep your beverages cool!

Tip 7


There is not always enough space available, but if you do have enough, you can plan to design a worktop, especially on the balcony.

Tip 8

Dining area

Add a dining table and some chairs beside it. You’ll be able to cook and entertain your hosts at the same time. The dining table can also be used as a worktop.

Tip 9


As for an indoor kitchen, it’s necessary to be careful regarding security standards concerning the presence of children near the stove.


Tip 10


Take account of all of the elements listed above in order to enjoy your outdoor kitchen to the max. Ideally, start thinking about your project in September because if you’re planning to call professionnals, they tend to have more availability in October and November.

In a nutshell

You must choose the type of cooking system that is convenient for you and best adapted to your outdoor space.

Take your time and get as many tips as possible. Always keep it simple. Your outdoor kitchen must be convenient and welcoming.

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