10 tips for the best room lighting

To perfect your decoration, you’ll need to master lighting effects. Hot or cold, direct or indirect, it will enable you to add a final touch to your interior design ideas.

Practical guide - 1 June 2015

Tip 1

Final touch

It’s the defining moment when redesigning your home. It’s up to you to define the objects, spaces and corners that you wish to put an emphasize on.

Tip 2

Luminous objects

Frames, knickknacks or artworks will shine even at night if you find the right light. Use a ray of light, either from the back or the front, from the bottom or the top. It’s necessary to try out different options.

Tip 3


It’s always interesting to highlight a nice or a nicely decorated corner. Enlightening shelves or a bookcase also has an aesthetic effect.

Tip 4


With this in mind, it’s interesting to plan built-in lighting when redecorating. Discreet, they highlight your home with just the right amount of lighting.

Tip 5

From the top

Be careful, ceiling lights tend to make your room smaller. You can choose a lighting arrangement which enables you to mark out an enlighten space above a dining table for example.

Tip 6

From the floor

Logically, on the contrary, light coming from the floor will enlarge a room. You should project that light on empty walls to emphasize this effect. Make sure your light doesn’t blind you.

Tip 7


Try to hide electric cords which can ruin the best luminous effect.

Tip 8


You can shed more light on some spaces to create a contrasting effect. In a small corridor for example,  it creates a luminous anchorage point when all rooms are bathed in a softened light.

Tip 9

Old school

At night, lighting up your rooms with candles, always brings a nice touch whether it’s in front of a mirror, on the edge of a window or on your balcony.

Tip 10


Your decoration can be pointed out thanks to lighting. Make sure to choose a nice back up lamp, some eccentric wall lamps or a distinguished ceiling light.

In a nutshell

Match your lighting to the textures used for your lampshades, your ceiling or wall lamps. Plastic, paper, fabric or tarnished glass give the impression of a more homogenous atmosphere.

Always create 2 luminous atmospheres for a single room. One can be more softened and soothing, the other more lively and dynamic.

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