10 kitchen design tips

Designing a kitchen is about more than just taste! Check out the following expert advice when it comes to remodeling or designing your kitchen.

Practical guide - 27 May 2015

Tip 1

Easy reach

Practicality is the most important aspect of a kitchen: everything must be within reach, whether it’s on display or not.

Tip 2


Charming every day objects should be displayed but always keep others, such as cleaning products and accessories, in a cupboard.

Tip 3

Adequate storage

Plan ahead where your appliances will go. Keep a designated spot with little pots to store small utensils and spices.

Tip 4

The right door

Handle-less doors open with ease at a single touch. Also for low kitchen furniture, you can opt for a touch-latch opening. Find the system that works best for you.

Tip 5

Common sense

Make sure that your cabinets door don’t bang into each other or with the fridge door. Openings must be as practical as possible.

Tip 6

Door handles

Handles are important and can contribute to the kitchen’s style. They can also be invisible, thereby giving a trendy effect.

Tip 7

From top to bottom

Gain some space with high cabinets or with boxes that you can place above the fridge.

Tip 8


Consider the separation of trash and recyclables. A equipped cabinet for glass, plastic and metal will save you some time in this respect.

Tip 9


Make sure to get the choose a lighting system both emphasizes your kitchen and also makes it easy to work in. Consider various options such as under cabinet lighting or spotlights.

Tip 10

A pretty kitchen

Decoration is key so precisely define the style you want to give your kitchen!

In a nutshell

You’ll need to choose which style you want to give to your floorings, your worktop, your furniture and your doors…Make sure you shop around!

Tame goes for appliances which must adapt to both your needs and space. Take the time to find appliances that will make your life easier.

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