10 decorating ideas for your bathroom

Decorating a bathroom is no easy task. Materials, colors and dedicated accessories offer so many possibilities. Here are our 10 best bathroom design ideas!

Practical guide - 30 May 2015

Tip 1

Unique style

In harmony with your home, choose a specific style for your bathroom. Whether it’s contemporary, ethnic or classic, don’t forget that it’s completely upto you. This is the basis for designing the perfect bathroom.

Tip 2

Keeping things in proportion

Try to avoid large tiles for small spaces. This often has unsightly results.

Tip 3

Bright shades

Play with colored tile strips to invigorate your atmosphere.

Tip 4


Coloured glass tiles can be an interesting combination to cover one wall. For corners, little squares work best.

Tip 5


Whether you want to use stimulating or soothing colors, everything is possible when it comes to light shades. On the contrary, we recommend painting only certain sections of the walls with dark shades.

Tip 6


We prefer natural shades or wooden colors as well as greys and blues.

Tip 7

Be careful

Some colors should be used carefully: red gives a ruddy and inelegant look, green gives a fresh appearance to the room and yellow is too warm of a shade to be combined with the coldness of water.

Tip 8


In a dark bathroom, we suggest having two types of lighting: a subdued one to add a cool effect and a more direct one near the mirror.

Tip 9

Sliding doors

Installing a sliding door enables you to add space in your bathroom.

Tip 10


In a small space, storage units are essential, especially in a bathroom. Try planning ahead how you’re going to tidy your laundry, beauty products or other accessories in order to purchase the best storage units for you. It’s an important decision in order to increase the surface area.

In a nutshell

Be careful with strong colors. They tend to reflect shiny areas in the bathroom.

Make sure you take the time to pick the right equipment for you. Sink, faucet, shower head, bathtub…

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