Welcome to the HomeByMe blog!

Welcome to the brand new HomeByMe blog!  Our intention is to make this blog a resource for your home design projects. We’ll share the latest product news as well as advice and tricks to help make the most of your HomeByMe experience. I’d like to introduce myself and my two fellow HomeByMe community managers.

.Community managers

I’m Anne-Sophie from France and have been traveling on the HomeByMe adventure for over three years now. Promoting the HomeByMe product has been an amazing challenge and the software has provided me the opportunity to easily remodel my parisian apartment four times this year alone. If you’re a Facebook fan or Twitter follower, I’ll be the one you’ll be talking to! I’ll be blogging alongside Don and Juan who both reside in the United States.


Don has been active in the advertising, design and engineering fields for almost 40 years after earning a BS with honors in Product Design at Art Center College of Design. Most of his career has been involved in new product development either at start-ups or in rogue groups within larger companies trying to be small. He even ran his own small company for nine years making automotive sculptures.


Juan is a 3D artist who loves helping people.  He recently redesigned his home in 3D but felt it would have been a lot easier and faster had he used the HomeByMe service.


To reach us, just visit our community or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned!

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