New products for the New Year!

Everyone likes a good surprise, so be ready whenever you go to the HomeByMe product libraries to see plenty of new items that may be just what you were looking for! There are lots of new people and bathroom accessories, as well as new plants.

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Fun new summer product choices!

Summer is for fun with the family and just plain having a good time. As you look through the Homebyme product categories for just the right thing keep an eye out for these new products. The kids are in for some great times on the fantastic swing sets and in any of the pools. The super grill will help make meals a treat for feeding everyone. By the end of a long day of keeping the kids corralled and happy, the ones who are responsible will be ready for the Jacuzzi. Now you can even have chickens to keep you in eggs and eat the pests in the yard!

 Homebyme helps bring your interior design ideas to life in 3D

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New goodies for everyone!

Everyone likes to find new choices with better features and colors. Homebyme delivers with our newest brand AGEM. They design and make all types of high quality furniture in Australia! We now have 96 of their beds, bookcases, dressing closets and storage units in stock and ready to go into your project. That should keep you busy with color and configuration possibilities for weeks. When in the Homebyme libraries search by brand to find them all in one place.

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