Sunshine makes everything better!

Sunshine makes us happy! It also makes our interior spaces sparkle and feel more energetic too. Make your spaces brighter by carefully planning your window and glass door positions and sizes in new construction and in renovations be ready to move a window or, even better, add more. Use window treatments that allow you to adjust the amount and direction of light coming in for more flexibility. Glossy surfaces add dramatic reflections and light neutral wall colors can add the appearance of more space as well as reflect the incoming light. Use spots of bright colors on your furnishings or a smaller wall to accent the more subtle base theme.

Take a good look at these Homebyme projects and we’re sure you’ll find something new to try. It’s easy to be happy in a sunny space!

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Homebyme helps bring your interior design ideas to life in 3D
HOUSE by markwalsh

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10 Elegant Homes

A sense of elegance is the common theme amongst these 10 homes. Whether they’re big or small; excellent use of space, color and the items chosen for function and decoration give them a simple, delightful elegance. I’m only able to show a small taste of each home, so please visit the projects that catch your imagination and take a closer look. Just click on any of the links or images and you’ll be taken to the project.

This apartment is filled with unique and challenging shapes, especially the smaller spaces like the bathroom. Vertical elements frame the horizontal tub and decorative wall hangings make the space seem larger.

Appart V4 – created by Yann171

HomeByMe helps bring your interior design ideas to life in 3D

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9 Global Designs

Thousands of projects are added to the Homebyme Gallery every day of the week! That’s mind-boggling. It’s like having a diamond mine making deliveries continuously from all over the world. We have the pleasure of finding the brightest gems and showcasing them for you. Nine of these beauties are here for your inspiration. Just click any image or link and go explore the project or the creator’s profile. Have fun!

From RUSSIAmonolithic – created by nagual

HomeByMe helps bring your interior design ideas to life in 3D

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