Alinea joins HomeByMe

Alinéa, a french based company has just joined HomeByMe by bringing its furniture catalog to our home design service. With over 25 years of existence and 25 stores, Alinéa offers a large range of furniture and accessories so each of their client can find their dream home decor.



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Exploring New Designs: Master Bedroom




At first glance, the bedroom seems the simplest room to design, with a singular purpose it almost designs itself! But it is actually one of the easiest to make mistakes with, and one of the hardest to correct. Hello everyone! In this last part of this series I’ll share what I have learned from designing a bedroom in my recently renovated home.

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Exploring New Designs: Living rooms



If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the living room is its playground. On average it is the most spacious room in the house and one where you spend the most amount of your free time with family and guests.

In this blog we will go over some key things to keep in mind when designing iterations and creating new looks for your living room. In the previous blogs in this series we covered the bathroom and kitchen and discussed ways to best use the tools in HomeByMe to try new ideas.

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